April 13, 2016


Power tools can be a significant investment for most consumers, and making those investments last requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Dirt and dust are two of the more significant culprits when it comes to maintaining power equipment. These particles can work their way into the ventilation grids, creating clogs that potentially lead to overheating, which can lead to motor burnout, or in some cases, fire. Below is a list of items retailers can keep on hand to help with dust prevention:

  • Small, fine brushes
  • Wire brushes and scrapers for more stubborn dirt, rust, other debris
  • Compressed air

Friction between moving parts is another critical issue to address in power tool maintenance, so during routine cleanings, consumers should also check bearings and other moving parts to see if lubrication is needed. Additionally, remind consumers to check oil levels in equipment like lawnmowers and snow blowers. These items can help:

Finally, make certain consumers know routine maintenance also includes replacing parts (especially consumables), in order to keep equipment running at optimum levels. Some of these parts include:

  • Oil and air filters
  • Spark plugs
  • Blades, chains, drill bits
  • Belts
  • Wires and connectors

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