April 27, 2016

Storage-and-OrganizationAs many homeowners will attest, interior space can be at a premium when it comes to finding places to put knickknacks, plants, or small items, especially in smaller footprint homes or rooms with limited square footage. And for consumers who rent or live in spaces where installing storage, even temporarily, is frowned upon, finding the right spot for a nightstand or to put an herb garden can be daunting.

Enter Super Sills (http://www.supersills.com/), a windowsill extender that doesn’t require physical attachment to the wall or windowsill, but is held in place by the window itself. According to the company website, Super Sills can safely hold up to 30 pounds of weight while continuing to remain level, plus it has a small lip around the edge, which helps to prevent fluids from running onto the floor, making it an ideal shelf for plants. And because it does not need to be attached via screws or adhesives, it can be easily moved to another window, or taken down when needed, without causing damage to the wall or sill.

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