May 3, 2016

Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Living

More and more homeowners are extending their living space into the backyard with outdoor rooms that include cooking and dining areas. Supplies for outdoor rooms were trending in 2015 and continue to be popular in 2016. Retailers should look for exterior-grade appliances (including ice machines and beer taps), weather-resistant cabinetry, fade-resistant countertops, building supplies for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, pizza ovens, outdoor lighting (especially string lights), and soft and hard landscaping that can help define the outdoor space. Keep in mind that more Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Living products are set up in the Silver Lot for attendees to experience in the outdoors, as these products were intended.


Pet Productspet supplies

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent over $60 billion on their pets in 2015 and are projected to spend even more in 2016. These generous pet parents prefer products that focus on the health and comfort of pets, like memory foam beds and organic treats. They also worry about pets that are alone for many hours while owners are working. Retailers should keep an eye out for new pet items like treat-release toys, laser toys and interactive tennis ball launchers that prevent boredom while pets are home alone. Personalized items are also popular with pet parents. Monogrammed pet blankets, collars, leashes and bowls are also hot items.


Farm & Ranch Products

Currently, the biggest threat to farming is Father Time. The average American farmer is 58 years old and, with the decline in new farmers joining the ranks, by the year 2033, experts expect there will be no farm and ranch operators under the age of 35. Thanks to the trending interest of hipsters, one area that is seeing some growth is hobby farming. Although many small hobby farms are not sustainable and may come and go, retailers can encourage small farmers, who may turn into sustainable farmers and ranchers someday, by fulfilling their needs with chicken, goat, bee, rabbit, canning and aquaculture supplies. Because of the compact nature of some of these supplies and practices, interest in hobby farming and homesteading has also opened up the Farm & Ranch category to many urban retailers.

For additional help with spotting the newest products and trends, visit the Featured Product Gallery in the main lobby of the convention center. The gallery includes New Product World, Eco Friendly, Energy Efficient, Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery, and Made in the USA displays. And, next to the Featured Product Gallery in room N109, more than 100 inventors will be introducing products in the Inventors Spotlight area.

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