May 11, 2016

Water FeatureWater features have long been a staple in many garden designs. Whether large and dramatic or small and simple, these features lend a tranquil ambience to outdoor spaces, and can help mask excessive sound from traffic, neighbors, or other external sources, making the yard feel more secluded than it might actually be.

While there are many options for water features, plumbed features require a bit more forethought and work to assemble and install (especially when compared to the freestanding plug in fountains), but offer a greater variety of design opportunities. The materials needed for most plumbed features include PVC or metal pipes, pumps for circulating water through the feature, waterproof liners (either pre-formed or as liner material), and electrical outlets. For on/off switches, plugs and timers, a weatherproof housing unit would be strongly suggested to protect the electrical connections; one such unit is the SockitBOx (

For ideas of what consumers are looking for in garden water features, check out these three Pinterest galleries.

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