July 6, 2016

Products from Hardware Show ResizedThe 2016 National Hardware Show® had hundreds of new and innovative products for retailers to add to their stores. Among these items included two products meant to help get clutter under control in the home.

  • Stick Quik (http://www.stickquik.com/): this product is one that shows how a simple design can have big organizational impact. Available in different sizes, these silicone bands with integrated neodymium magnets slip over the handles of most things, be it a toothbrush, kitchen knife, wrench, hammer, or practically any other hand tool, allowing users to hang their implements anywhere there is a metal surface. They also have metal strips for users who want to store tools in areas where no metal surface currently exists.

Happy Hale LLC’s Twist Tie Pod (http://www.twisttiepod.com/): twist ties have several uses in the home, garden and shop, and this product keeps them at the consumer’s beck and call. The refillable pod allows users to pull out and cut the length of tie needed, and it attaches via magnet to any metal surface (like a refrigerator), or can hang on a garage or garden shed wall.

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