The Latest in Flood Protection

July 6, 2016

Flood ProtectionIn just the first six months of 2016, floods have claimed over 200 American lives and have caused property damage in the billions of dollars. While there is little that can be done about the destructive nature of flooding, there are products available to consumers that can help mitigate potential damage.

  • Flood Protection Kit by The Bulk Bag Company (—Kit equipped with one flood barrier bag with height of 15 inches, 15 sand bags, and one heavy-duty poly sheet. Additional sandbags, as well as other bulk bags, are available. Must be filled for use.
  • Quick Dam Flood Barriers (—No need to fill with sand. Encased powder activates when wet, filling the flexible barrier to height of 3.5 inches within five minutes. Cannot be used with salt water due to chemical reaction. Other products, such as Hydra-Barrier can be used for fresh or saltwater applications.
  • HydroSack by Gravitas International LTD (—a UK-based company. Much like Quick Dam, the polymer within each HydroSack is water-activated. Each bag is compartmentalized to keep product contents from shifting to one end, and the integrated handle makes moving activated HydroSacks easier to deploy or reposition.

Not only can retailers in flood-prone areas carry flood control products like those listed above, they can also be a tremendous resource for the products needed to remediate flood damage, such as detergents, mildewcides and dehumidifiers. Many hardware and home improvement stores have become a centralized location for community support and service after a disaster, with staff not only assisting customers with products, but also acting as community liaisons and coordinators for cleanup projects.


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