The Latest in Paint Accessories

July 12, 2016

PaintAccessories_712The 2016 National Hardware Show® showcased several new products for the Paint and Accessories category. A few of these products, including several from the Inventors Spotlight, were:

  • Ladder Shelf System by MM Design ( found in the Inventors Spotlight section of this year’s Show, this innovative product actually comes in three different designs: plumbing, electrical and painters. Each shelf locks onto a ladder and keeps needed items handy without having to make multiple trips up and down to retrieve tools. The Painters Shelf has recesses that can hold quart, gallon, and five-gallon paint buckets.
  • Freehand brushes by galaxG tools ( the ergonomic design allows users to keep hands and arms in a more relaxed position while still providing enough pressure to achieve coverage.
  • Can Holster by 360 Products ( provides a convenient place to store a paintbrush when painting, minimizing drips and mess; just snap onto top of gallon paint can.
  • Scrigit Scraper ( this small and simple tool makes for easy cleanup in tight spaces.
  • Peel and Stick Sanding Glove ( hook-and-loop backed sandpaper attaches to a reusable glove, making it easy for users to get into small spaces while also keeping their hands protected.
  • TouchUp Cup by JEG Innovation ( store paint for quick touch-ups. Contains an internal stainless steel “blending sphere” to rapidly remix paint, and label can be marked for at-a-glance identification of stored paint.

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