August 30, 2016

Storage-&-OrganizationWhen it comes to storage areas in the home, often there are spaces that are underutilized. Closets that have sloped ceilings often fall into the underutilized-space category as the angle of the ceiling makes it difficult to add clothing rods or shelves. However, one exhibitor at the 2016 National Hardware Show has a solution.

Abrecht Bracket Company developed the Sloped Ceiling Storage Bracket and the Sloped Ceiling Clothes Rod Bracket, two sturdy units that can be adjusted to any degree of slope to allow for level storage of items. Additionally, a third product combines both shelf storage and clothing rod, giving consumers several options.

All brackets are constructed from 14-gauge steel and can hold approximately 125 pounds per bracket, making them a great product for item storage in garages and attics as well.

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