September 7, 2016

Fall-Cleaning-300Fall is only a couple of weeks away, and home and garden fall cleanup is not far behind. With back-to-school already under their belts, consumers are looking forward to the upcoming holidays, and are already gearing up to tackle those projects meant to weatherize their homes, tidy up entertaining spaces, and decorate for get-togethers with friends and family.

For the garden: Tools such as pruners, loppers and axes can make quick work of tidying up shrubs and trees, as well as helping to stock the woodpile, but one of the biggest chores is gathering and disposing of leaves. For this, consumers look for items such as rakes, heavy-duty lawn and leaf bags (like Glad’s ForceFlex® Drawstring Lawn and Leaf Bags), and leaf scoops (such as those by Gardex). Additionally, for those with nut-bearing trees such as pecan or walnut, or shagbark hickory, nut gatherers (like Garden Weasel’s Large Nut Gatherer) can make the tedious job of picking up nuts a breeze.

For the home: It’s all about cleaning out the summer dust and pollen and making the home warm and comfortable for holiday guests. Standard cleaning supplies will be in demand, as will items such as candles, scented oil diffusers, and other scented products. One of the hottest scents for this fall is pumpkin, which can be found in everything from lattes to air fresheners for home and car. Among the brands that offer pumpkin-scented air fresheners are Febreze and Glade.

Retailers can also make suggestions for things consumers might not readily think about when preparing their homes for the fall. One such item is air filters. Late summer and fall bring seasonal allergens from things like ragweed and dust from harvest, and high-efficiency filters, as well as items like standalone air purifiers and humidifiers, can reduce the effects these allergens have within the home.

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