September 13, 2016

Garage-Storage-300Everyone dreams of having that garage that’s so neat and organized that they could actually park their car inside, but frequently, the garage becomes just another storage space for outdoor gear, holiday decorations, and items that don’t really go anywhere else in the house.

A large area of storage potential in the garage is often overlooked. Most people consider freestanding shelving units or hanging items on the walls, but these options often reduce the amount of floor space, which, for smaller garages, can limit parking space. By getting items off the floor and closer to the ceiling, homeowners can “have their cake and eat it too” (or rather, store their stuff and park in the garage as well), and there are products to help make storing items without compromising floor space a reality.

Some examples include:

Bin Caddy Storage System: This simple, yet strong, rail system that allows users to slide in larger storage bins. Can be configured for easy access from both ends, or can butt against a wall for single-end access.

Racor PHL-1R Ceiling Storage LiftThis heavy-duty lift with a flat steel grate platform adds approximately 16 square feet of additional storage space. Conveniently raises and lowers using a pulley system operated by either hand crank or power drill attachment.

Garage Gator 220 Lift and Platform combo: With the ability of lifting up to 220 pounds, the Garage Gator 220 Lift and Platform combination unit offers the convenience of not only higher weight capacity, but motorized lifting capability at the push of a button.


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