3 Tools for Easy Stall Clean Up

September 27, 2016

Farm-RanchFor horse owners, the right cleaning tools make mucking out stalls easier, with less time wasted using equipment not meant for the job. Clean stalls can mean happier and healthier horses, and thankfully, the basic list of tools to get the job done well isn’t complicated.

Shavings forks like the Fyna-Lite Shavings Fork, work well for spreading new bedding material in stalls.

Wave forks allow users to pull up and sift through stall material so that soiled bedding is removed easily. With products like the lightweight Noble Outfitters Wave Fork, users also have the option to customize the look of their forks for specific purposes, as well as the ability to replace tines if they become damaged.

Broad shovels can make quick work of heavily soiled stalls, or for picking up manure in areas where bedding does not need to be sifted, or in non-bedding areas. Companies such as Razorback Professional Tools carry a variety of shovels to meet individual needs.

Transporting new bedding to the stalls, or taking soiled materials to the compost heap requires a sturdy wheelbarrow or muck-cart, such as Miller Manufacturing Company’s Muck Cart, which can accommodate a 70-quart muck tub and carry up to 350 pounds. A wide, stiff broom will take care of cleaning up those final bits of straw or shavings, or any spilled materials.

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