September 27, 2016

Main-ArticleFall means harvest time, and for customers with hobby farms and orchards, the right tools can help them quickly accomplish necessary chores and get back to enjoying time with family and friends.

For Orchards

Some essential pieces for those who have fruit or nut trees include:

Nut harvesters: such as Garden Weasel or Bag-A-Nut.

Fruit pickers: like the multi-change adjustable fruit picker by Wolf-Garten.

Orchard ladders: Manufacturers, like Stokes Ladders, offer the preferred tripod-style orchard ladder in varying heights.

For Gardens and Pastures

Digging forks: These are indispensable for harvesting root vegetables like potatoes. Forks like the Easy Digging Fork by The Perfect Garden Tool, or Ames 4-Tine Forged Spading fork, have heavy-duty construction that breaks through tough soil for easier access.

Harvest baskets: These can carry harvested produce through areas where wheeled carts can’t access, making it simple to pick what is needed and take it straight into the kitchen for preparation. Products like Pike’s Original Maine Garden Hod have vented sides, allowing users to rinse off vegetables without removing them from the basket.

Scythes: These are making a comeback among hobby farmers. For smaller pastures or areas that mowing equipment can’t reach, scythes are the perfect tool. Companies such as The Marugg Company offer a variety of blades for grass or brush, as well as wooden or steel handles (snaths).

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