A Recipe for Selling More Slow Cookers

September 27, 2016

Secondary-ArticleFall is in the air, and winter is right around the corner, and with the colder seasons (and the holidays), consumers will be turning to heartier comfort foods to warm them up and make them feel more connected to family and home. With this in mind, there is one particular small kitchen appliance that can help get those long-cooking soups, stews and casseroles on the table any day of the week—the slow cooker.

Slow cookers have been a standard kitchen small appliance for quite some time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean interest has waned. In 2014, sales of slow cookers saw a 1.2-million unit increase from the year before, indicating there are some ways retailers can capitalize on this resurgence in interest.

Retailers can utilize the following techniques in order to draw attention to slow cookers:

Create an exciting display that will showcase the variety and latest models of the product, along with other products and accessories that complement the main display. Slow cookers should also be included in larger holiday or party displays since the appliances’ conveniences help facilitate successful gatherings.

Highlight the latest technological advances in slow cookers. While basic models are still available, slow cookers with programmable cooking times, easy-to-read-displays and updated design are widely marketed. Units, like the KitchenAid 6-Quart Slow Cooker, have 24-hour programmability, which can be beneficial during the holiday season, or for special occasions. One of the latest models is also Bluetooth-enabled, allowing users to make adjustments to time and cooking temperature even if they are caught in traffic.

Hold a product demonstration during a peak sales time. By showing off the capabilities of the product, consumers can begin to imagine it in their own kitchens. The smell of food cooking can reach consumers on a visceral level, and demonstrations can provide new and updated ideas on the types of dishes that can be created using slow cookers. As an add-on, create “meal baskets” that contain non-perishable items such as sauces, recipe cards and utensils, which give customers a jump-start with using their new slow cooker.

Retailers can also offer customers their favorite game day recipes that work well in a slow cooker, and pair them with team licensed slow cookers, like those from Crock-Pot® which offers both college and NFL team logos. These would be a great addition to the tailgate setup, or for game day get-togethers.

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