The Powerful Shim

September 27, 2016

Building-SuppliesSometimes common products, such as shims, can be overlooked on inventory lists. Shims have been around since the invention of doors, windows and cabinets, helping installers level imperfectly constructed products against out-of-plumb walls and corners. Although these gaps are generally small, they can create a much larger issue, such as doors that won’t stay open or closed or countertops that slope, making the tiny shim a vital carpentry tool.

The shim’s design has changed little over the years, but it does now come in a variety of materials, such as wood, composite, plastic or metal to fit different applications.

Some popular shim brands include:

Timberwolf Composite Shims are tapered for easy adjustment with incorporated scoring that assists in a clean breakoff.

EZ Shim product lines include the EZ Shim Plastic Shim, the Quick Align Hinge Shim for doors and the Johnny Shim for use with toilets and porcelain fixtures.

J.D. Irving Cedar Shims, the natural cedar tapered shims, are weather- rot- and insect-resistant, perfect for outdoor use.

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