Pet Treats Go Organic

October 4, 2016

Pet-Treats-300The trend toward organic and all-natural foods has been growing exponentially, and now it’s expanded significantly into the pet aisle. Consumers are looking for foods and treats that are equivalent to what they would want for themselves, but made to meet the requirements of their pets.

There are several companies that offer organic or all-natural treats for pets, from the major national brands to companies that specialize in strictly organic products. Below is a list of key company categories:

Celebrity Brands: Two celebrity brands on the market include Newman’s Own and Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance, with a range of treats, including those for overweight pets.

Made in USA: National Hardware Show exhibitor Pawtriotic Dog Treats not only offers natural products with no wheat, soy, preservatives or chemicals, which consumers are concerned about having in their pets’ food, but they also tap into another key selling point many customers look for—Made In America. Made In America pet products have had an increasing appeal after the 2013 scare involving foreign-made treats that sickened thousands of dogs. (Read more about the tragedy here.

Dual Purpose: Cats aren’t neglected when it comes to organic treats. Companies like Blue Buffalo not only has lines for dogs, but they also have two lines with multiple flavors and combinations to keep finicky felines happy as well ( And for cat treats that pull double-duty, Greenies ( offers specialty products, such as dental treats for tartar control, Pill Pockets® to disguise medicines and Smart Bites® for either skin and coat condition or for hairball control.


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