October 11, 2016

max-home-security-300One of the newest smart home devices was present at the New Product Launch at the 2016 National Hardware Show®. The MAX Smart Home device line joins the growing department of smart safety and security products on today’s market.

Built as a plug-in-and-go unit, the MAX Smart Home covers a variety of areas that are many times monitored by multiple pieces of equipment, or by products that are hardwired into the home’s infrastructure, which can make total home monitoring inconvenient for those who wish to streamline products, or out of reach for those who rent but are restricted from installing permanent equipment. Some of the features included in MAX are:

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Security Alarm with Vibration Detection and Motion-Activated Lighting
  • Humidity Monitoring and Excess Heat & Humidity Notifications
  • IOS and Android Compatibility and WiFi Connectivity

Additionally, MAX specifications include voice recognition and control, lighting (both accent and emergency), ambient sound production and RF (radio frequency) connectivity. One key feature of the product is its alert system, which uses both tone and voice alarms, to warn consumers of danger, including approaching severe weather.

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