SPECIAL REPORT: 2017 Color Trends

October 18, 2016

Color Trend Forecast for 2017color-trends-300

Paint manufacturers have released their top color predictions for the New Year. Restlessness, adventure and individuality, along with trends from the runway, movies, eco-living, the foodie movement, and world events, have served as inspiration for the soothing color palettes of 2017.

Below is a list of the top colors expected to be in demand, with links to each manufacturer’s complete new color line.


Gray’s domination of neutral palettes may be coming to an end in 2017, if Sherwin-Williams’ predictions are correct. The paint company has put forth its weathered and woodsy Poised Taupe as color of the year for 2017. The color combines the coolness of gray with the warmth of brown for the next generation of neutrals. Poised Taupe joins Sherwin-Williams’ four new color lines: Noir, Holistic, Intrepid, and Unbounded, with Noir offering the deep, dark colors of the night; Holistic providing a palette of soft neutrals; Intrepid including bright yellows and oranges; and Unbounded showcasing the influence of world cultures. See the complete line here.


Glidden isn’t ready to let cool colors go quite yet, putting forth Byzantine Blue—a gray violet blue—as its color of 2017. The versatile color appears grayish when paired with dark neutral colors and purple-blue when matched with whites. Either way, company representatives say the color is soothing and comforting, matching the design trend for 2017 that demands soothing spaces where people can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Read more about the new Glidden color here.


Olympic also went with a violet tone as its pick for 2017 with Cloudberry. As with the other colors of the New Year, this soft hue is meant to provide a soothing atmosphere where one can recharge. Read more about Olympic’s new colors here.olympic-300


Following in the same vein, PPG Paints declared Violet Verbena its 2017 Color of the Year. According to company reps, the purple-gray hue offers a middle ground between masculine and feminine, nostalgia and modernity, work and leisure while also complementing the bohemian design revolution that caught fire in 2016. Click here to see the color and read more about PPG Paints’ new color lines.

Behr behr-300

Behr joins its competitors in emphasizing soft, soothing shades for 2017 by combining bright and bold favorites with new soft hues in its three new paint lines: “Comfortable,” “Composed” and “Confident.” Each category offers progressively bolder shades from the soft pastels of “Comfortable” to the bold spicy hues of “Confident,” yet all colors tie together to create an earthy, soothing and warm palette. See the color lines here.


dunn-edwards-300Heading in a different direction from the calming and comforting lines of its competitors, Southwestern paint manufacturer Dunn-Edwards has heeded the call to adventure with its “Beyond Wild Imaginations!” line. The new paint line offers five palettes: Adventurous Revelations, Creative Ingenuity, Pioneering Innovations, Wanderlust, and Joie de Vivre. Adventurous Revelations is a mix of bold but natural primary colors, Creative Ingenuity invokes the island pastels of Hawaii and Cuba, Pioneering Innovations embraces the deep blues and purples of the ocean, Wanderlust highlights the colors of romantic cultures, and Joie de Vivre offers bold, childlike colors. See Dunn-Edwards’ complete line here.

Benjamin Moorebenjamin-moore-300

Benjamin Moore will announce its color of the year Wednesday, Oct. 19. Be sure to visit www.benjaminmoore.com later this week to find out what it is.

For 2017 paint color predictions from Pantone, click here.

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