October 25, 2016

dryer-connection-300Proper dryer venting is crucial for a home’s safety, and there are many items consumers can choose from to handle the hot, humid, lint-filled air produced when drying clothes.

Magnetic Coupling: One of the products shown at the 2016 National Hardware Show® was the MagVent magnetic dryer vent, designed to connect the dryer exhaust to the exterior vent chase of the residence. Instead of using standard clamps to attach vent hose to the chase, the unique coupling relies on magnets to self-align the two components together, making a secure connection that will not accidentally come apart, but that will also be easier to disconnect for vent cleaning and maintenance.

Indoor Lint Filter: While reducing interior heat and humidity is one of the main concerns when drying clothes, in climates where the air is dry, or during the winter when additional warmth and moisture are needed, dryers can be vented into the home to improve air quality, reclaim lost heat energy, and alleviate some stress on the home’s heating systems. Additionally, these products also remedy the issue that some homes have—lack of exterior dryer vent chases or the inability to install one into the structure. Products such as the Indoor Lint Trap Filter do just that. The Indoor Lint Trap Filter hangs on the wall with the vent hose from the dryer. Fine particles of lint are trapped in the easy-to-clean filter while warm, moist air is released into the living space. One caveat, however, is that laundry spaces with interior venting should have adequate air flow throughout the rest of the home to help prevent excessive moisture buildup or the possibility of a mold-conducive environment.

One final note: For home safety purposes, interior venting filters and exterior vent chases should be regularly maintained to prevent the buildup of particle residue. This buildup is responsible for the majority of dryer-related fires. Add-on products, such as the Casabella Vent Brush or the Deflecto Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit, can help consumers reduce buildup and keep their dryers running efficiently.

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