October 25, 2016

gift-wrapping-400With the holidays fast approaching, consumers are looking to re-stock gift-wrapping supplies, as well as find new products to make the task of preparing gifts easier, more efficient and maybe a little fun. Check out these three product lines that even Santa’s elves couldn’t resist:

Decorative Tape: Wrapping presents for the holidays doesn’t have to be boring. Check out these tape dispensers from Scotch®, which include practically everything from playful kittens to flowers to NFL-licensed products.

Dual-Purpose Wrapping Paper: Most wrapping paper ends up in the landfill after the holidays are over. Why not offer customers an alternative to adding to the growing waste problem by stocking wrapping papers embedded with flower or vegetable seeds? Plantable wrapping papers, like those by Blooming Bulb, can be placed in the garden after use, giving the recipient the gift of flowers or vegetables long after the holidays are over.

Specialty Cutting Tools: Cutting paper to the correct size without rough edges or tears not only makes gifts look more attractive, but also helps to cut down on waste. There are several easy-to-use products that consumers can turn to help them cut wrapping papers without the hassle of damage or needing to dispose of expensive paper. The Gift Wrap Cutter is a unit that holds rolls up to 30 inches wide and works by dropping in the desired gift wrap roll, unrolling the amount of paper needed, closing the blade guide, then sliding the blade along the cutting track. For consumers who want something handheld, consider cutters like the Alvin® Zippy All-Purpose Cutter, or Fiskars 7” Gift Wrap Cutter.

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