3 Emergency Kits for the Road

November 1, 2016

emergency-kit-300Unexpected vehicle issues can happen at any time, and drivers like to be prepared to handle them when they do. Emergency roadside kits can hold many of the items a driver would need when a breakdown happens. And with the gifting holidays coming up, emergency roadside kits can also make a great gift, especially for new drivers.

  • Flared Emergency Road Kits: Just one of those exhibited at the 2016 National Hardware Show®. Flared Kits contain not only the basics that drivers would need in an emergency kit, but also contains a user-friendly manual instructing how to use the included products, such as the jumper cables (a great idea for those unfamiliar with proper use).
  • Wilmar Corporation: Offers three separate kits, including a basic kit oriented toward roadside repairs, and Premium and Deluxe versions that include additional items, such as first-aid supplies, gloves, rain ponchos and reflective warning triangles.
  • AutoClubHero 185-piece Vehicle Emergency Survival Kit: One of the more comprehensive pre-made kits. This kit contains not only the basic roadside repair and safety tools, but it also includes emergency food and water, tow strap, tire repair kit and more.

Not only can retailers offer a variety of pre-made kits for their customers, they can also offer items not regularly found with the kits, or products that are geared more toward the weather conditions in their region, such as additional rain gear, sunscreens, snow and ice grips for shoes and even kitty litter or sand for traction.

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