November 9, 2016

natural-icons-300Consumer demand for natural and synthetic chemical-free products has been a growing trend that has both retailers and manufacturers taking notice.

More stores are carrying natural and chemical-free items produced not only by companies based in natural products, such as Seventh Generation, but also by companies that are increasing their natural product footprint like Greenworks cleaners by Clorox. Earlier this year, Hardware Retailing magazine reported on Walmart’s partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund to reduce the number of certain chemical products from their stores. According to the article, the retailer has achieved a nearly 100 percent “reduction by weight in the use of chemicals” that raise the most alarm among consumers, such as formaldehyde, toluene and triclosan.

For hardware and home improvement retailers, it may not be practical to eliminate 100 percent of the chemicals that raise concern among consumers. However, it is becoming easier to source products that meet green, eco-friendly, natural or sustainable standards that consumer purchases are trending toward. Some of these product categories include:

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