November 9, 2016

toy-storage-300For parents, being able to control their children’s toys is a must, but not all spaces are sizeable enough for large storage furniture. Vertical storage provides a solution to this problem, freeing up valuable floor space while keeping the room organized. Retailers can guide consumers with small spaces by pointing out that toy storage does not always mean the ubiquitous toy box. There is a multitude of shelf-ready and DIY options consumers have for corralling all of the stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, cars and building blocks that kids collect.

  • Bookcases: Even though bookcase or cubicle units still sit on the floor, their footprint is generally less than that of typical toy boxes. Additionally, these units can grow with the child, being used for toys during childhood years, but then repurposed for books, knickknacks and more as the child ages. When paired with baskets, fabric boxes or other containers, storage can become more streamlined, hiding clutter. One option in this category is Closetmaid’s Cubeicals.
  • Toy hammocks and slings: Hanging in a corner of the room, toy hammocks or slings, like Dreambaby’s Jumbo Toy Storage Corner Hammock, are generally used to store lightweight items such as stuffed animals. These items generally attach to the walls via screw-in hooks. For parents who don’t wish to permanently attach hooks into the wall, products like Command’s Medium Utility Hooks can fit the bill.
  • DIY Options: Parents have become creative when it comes to keeping play spaces organized, and this includes going to their hardware and home improvement stores to design and build storage items that fit their lifestyles and décor, and almost all departments are fair game. Hanging baskets from lawn & garden, pegboard and wood dowels from lumber, plastic chain from hardware paired with clothes pins or plastic hooks from housewares and so much more have been utilized to keep toys in check. For examples of how parents are reimagining toy storage, check out Pinterest galleries like this.


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