November 22, 2016

holiday-decorating-300As soon as the final Thanksgiving dish is put away, consumer thoughts immediately turn to decorating for Christmas. A few trends for decorating include:

Christmas Lights: For those who have watched Christmas Vacation, the memory of Chevy Chase hanging those 10,000 Italian twinkling lights on the roof of his suburban Chicago two-story can bring on a slight anxiety attack, especially after he falls from the ladder and is hanging onto the gutter. Luckily, there are products that can make it much safer to illuminate the exterior while keeping both feet on terra firma:

  • Star Shower Motion Laser Light: one of the plug and play lightshows that project hundreds of moving small points of light onto the exterior of the home.
  • Light Hanger Pro: which, when used with a threaded pole, can lift traditional string lights into place while the operator has their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Decorating Windows: One of the easiest ways to decorate windows for the holiday is by using window decals. Window decals typically adhere to the glass by means of static attraction—no adhesive required—which makes it safe for even young children to help with decorating. Decals are also easily repositionable and reusable, making them an investment for multiple years of use. One example of more whimsical decals is Super Clings.

Inflatables: Santa, Rudolph the Reindeer, Disney, Marvel Superheroes, and even Darth Vader with a candy cane all get the inflatable treatment with this decorating trend. Check out the wide range of static and animated offerings from companies like Gemmy.

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