November 22, 2016

animal-mascots-300Step into any little shop in Europe, or even some places in Canada, and you will most likely find a dog or cat lounging sleepily under a table display or in the store window. In the states, however, in-store pets are less common, but maybe they shouldn’t be. Several hardware store owners in Texas have discovered that a store mascot can be quite a draw. Below are the stories of two birds that have tweeted and clucked their way into customers’ hearts.

Chainsaw the Parrot: At Bering’s Hardware in Houston, Texas, customers are greeted with a “hello” at the key counter by a 27-year-old, yellow-naped Amazon parrot that has lived at the store for 20 years. Chainsaw, who brings a little fun to customers’ shopping experience, is the second parrot to live at a Bering’s Hardware. The company’s other location is home to Hacksaw. Both birds have become store attractions. Read more about Chainsaw here.

George the Rooster: Gecko Hardware in Dallas, Texas, took the Buff Orpington rooster in when the family who owned him couldn’t keep a rooster in their neighborhood. The store owner, Andrea Ridout, said they were only going to keep him until they could find a proper home, but a week turned into months, and then he became a fixture, attracting new customers from near and far. In an interview with Hardware Retailing magazine, Ridout said that to accommodate all of George’s visitors, she puts out scratch for people to feed him. “He truly is the biggest draw I’ve ever seen, and I’ve owned businesses for 33 years,” she told the magazine. Read more about George here.

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