December 7, 2016

pets-holiday-hooplah-300As many pet parents know, sometimes their animal “kids” can get overwhelmed during holiday festivities. Rooms get rearranged and decorated with unfamiliar objects, unfamiliar people invade their homes, and often times they are exiled to a back room instead of being close to their human parent. Holidays can cause a pet to act out in negative ways, leading their humans to look for solutions that will mitigate trigger issues in their pets. Thankfully, there are many products and solutions available to consumers that can help.

Stress Relievers

Barring a trip to the veterinarian’s office for antidepressants or tranquilizers for Rex or Tabby, consumers can turn to their local retailers for items such as herbal medications, pheromone and essential oil sprays and scents, wearable security products and more.  Some available products include:

  • Thundershirt  — with styles available for both dogs and cats, this wearable product works in the same way as cuddling a small child by applying gentle pressure to mimic security. The Thundershirt can also be scented with pheromones or essential oils to further provide relaxation.
  • Sentry Calming Products  — collars for both dogs and cats, and a pheromone diffuser for dogs, use scent to provide a state of relaxation in pets.
  • OTC Medicated Products — many of these products contain various herbal blends that are purported to have a calming effect without the side effects found with prescription medications. These products come in tablet, liquid or even treat form, and can calm not only cats and dogs, but birds, rabbits and other pets. Some examples include Pro-Sense Anti-Stress Calming Tablets, VetriScience Composure Chews, HomeoPet Anxiety Relief.


Pets generally have a higher risk of being lost or injured during holiday seasons, mainly from escaping through opened doors when guests are arriving or leaving. Products that can help consumers keep their pets safe include Smart Technology. Being able to quickly locate a lost pet is key to its safety and well being, and smart technology has stepped in with pet-tracking products. Items like the ones below allow users to follow their pets’ wanderings via a smart phone interface:

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