December 13, 2016

Sleds are the obvious choice for outdoor winter recreation for kids, but outdoor fun goes far beyond sliding across the snow. A few must-have products include:

  • My Very Own Snowman Kit by Evelots: Reusable decorations for making a traditional snowman, including hat, scarf, “carrot” nose and “coal” for creating the face.
  • LED Ski Skooter by GeoSpace: For ages 13 and older, this product can carry up to 220 pounds and can be used on snow, grass or even sand, lending itself to year-round use.
  • Alex Brands Snow Toys: Sno-Markers and Sno-Art kits for “painting” snow.
  • Snowball Blaster by Wham-O: Shoots snowballs longer distances with more accurate aiming. Includes vinyl target and a detachable snowball maker.

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