Special Ingredient Helps Remove Odors

December 13, 2016

Indoor air can be full of various odor-causing pollutants, including mold, which can make the home uncomfortable or even hazardous for its occupants. Luckily, there are several products available, including new items, which can eliminate odors, making the air more breathable without the use of extreme chemicals or perfumes.

One of the newest products available is Safe T air™, as seen in the New Product World at the 2016 National Hardware Show®. Safe T air™ is an environmentally friendly gel containing tea tree oil, a natural product from the Australian Melaleuca alternafolia, a plant with antimicrobial properties. According the manufacturer, when this product is placed in proximity to odor-causing mold, the spores will be neutralized, leaving behind cleaner smelling air. If consumers are in the market for this product, sales staff should mention that one container is listed as covering up to 1,000 square feet of a home and can also be used in any space, including basements, boats and recreational vehicles, bathrooms or anywhere mold could be present.

There are similar products available that utilize tea tree oil in their manufacturing. These include items such as Kanberra Gel and BioZap by RadonSeal.


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