Boost Sales with Innovative In-Store Displays

December 27, 2016

A creative store display showcases a product and highlights its best features in a way that customers will remember and also makes customers more likely to buy the product.

Below are three examples of hardware retailers who have had success with creative displays.

Buchheit Stores: The eight-store chain in Missouri and Illinois got creative with a Bigfoot display off the main aisle in its Jackson, Missouri, store. The Sasquatch guards a copper still that is larger than the hairy monster leaning over it. The display has become a popular store attraction. Read more about it here.

Boliantz Hardware: The Shelby, Ohio, hardware retailer increased store traffic by displaying chainsaws in their natural environment—a 10-foot tree trunk located in the middle of the power equipment department. Read more about it here.

Ayd Hardware: The owner of this Baltimore store used merchandizing to create his own recognizable style that can be seen throughout the store. At Ayd, products hang in creative displays inside and outside. During the summer, floppy hats hang above the cash register, and watering cans hang from plant hooks above potted flowers in the outdoor lawn and garden display. Read more about it here.


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