January 3, 2017

Home security doesn’t have to mean expensive monitored systems or a lot of high-tech gadgetry. Below are some of the products that consumers on a budget can utilize to make their homes more secure.

  • The SIMLock: Touted as an “unpickable lock”, the SIMLock works in conjunction with an existing deadbolt to secure the door against anyone attempting to pick or “bump” the lock to gain entry.
  • The Door Guardian: With products for both standard and sliding glass exterior doors, the Door Guardian can be quickly engaged and acts as an additional barrier to opening an exterior door.
  • Master Lock Adjustable Door Security Bar: This 20-gauge bar is designed to fit both standard and sliding doors. The nonscratch foot fully adjusts to provide maximum bracing against forced entry.
  • The Door Jammer: Using mechanical principles of transferring horizontal force to brace against entry, this portable product can easily be used to reinforce any exterior standard door. If room occupants need to escape, the Door Jammer can quickly be lifted out of the way for exit.
  • The Window Wedge: Doors aren’t the only points of entry or exit in a home, and the window wedge addresses this need for safety for a variety of window styles.
  • Safe Homes International StrikeMaster II Pro: The typical residential door is generally not reinforced against a violent break in; a well-placed kick or the pressure of a crowbar can split the wooden jamb and allow entry into the home. The StrikeMaster II Pro installs to existing doorframes and adds a layer of steel reinforcement against forcible entry.

As the new year begins, retailers can encourage their customers to consider incorporating some of these products into their home security setups. A simple end-cap display or even an in-store demonstration can pique interest.

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