January 3, 2017

Going hand in hand with the urban homesteading and artisan movements, consumer demand is on the rise for opportunities to produce certain products at home, including multigrain breads and beers. To support these hobbies, consumers are gaining interest in milling their own grains, as well as grinding their own feed for backyard poultry. Some at-home grain mills include:

KitchenAid® All Metal Grain Mill: with grinds ranging from cracked coarse grind to extra fine for cakes and pastries, this mill easily attaches to a KitchenAid® Stand Mixer.

NutriMill Harvest Grain Mill: This all-in-one countertop unit contains a heavy-duty motor with an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating during the milling process. 

Marga Mulino All-Steel Grain Flaker : This unit will not only grind flour, but also has the ability to mill cereal flakes for homemade oatmeal, grits and more. Chrome-plated stainless steel construction. This mill is hand-powered.

For grinding feed for poultry (or even for aquaculture setups), mills from Victor Pellet Mill Machine, C.S.Bell Company, or United Milling Systems offer large-volume grinders.

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