January 24, 2017

As most retailers know, one of the easiest ways to refresh slow-moving merchandise is by moving it to a new location. Large retailers often reset entire stores to boost sales. But, reshelving can take time. Fortunately, one Colorado retailer discovered a more convenient way to shift merchandise around the store. Kelly Rodarmel, owner of Woodland Hardware & Home in Woodland Park, Colorado, told Hardware Retailing magazine that he wanted to experiment with the location of his cabinet hardware display, so he built a simple base for the display and added casters.

“I’ve seen this done at other major retailers, like Cabela’s and REI, and they evidently have a lot of success with it,” Rodarmel told Hardware Retailing magazine. “Being able to move these displays around gives us the flexibility to place them anywhere in the store and experiment with how well they sell in different locations.”

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