January 24, 2017

Water leaks can cause a considerable amount of damage to a home. A small nail hole in a pipe, a leaky toilet, or a worn-out valve on a washing machine or water heater can allow water to seep into floors, walls, furniture and more, costing homeowners considerable time and money to repair or replace their equipment and valuables.

One way consumers can mitigate these issues is by adding a water leak detection and shut-off system in their homes, such as the leakSMART™ by Waxman Consumer Products Group. The leakSMART™ is a water notification and shut-off system that attaches to the main water supply of the home and connects wirelessly with the main hub unit. Smaller leak-detection units round out the system, placed in areas such as the bathroom or laundry and utility rooms, they monitor for rising water, and if present, send an alert to the main hub, which simultaneously sends a shut-off command to the main valve, sounds an audible alarm and alerts the homeowner via a cell phone notification.

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