February 1, 2017

First-time homeowners often have questions about home maintenance tasks, such as what should be done on a regular basis, as well as what to look for around the home when it comes to wear and tear. Below are four tips your staff can share with new homeowners when discussing home maintenance.

Change out those filters: Regularly changing out disposable air filters can not only improve the quality of the air inside the home, but can also lengthen the life span of the HVAC system. A generally accepted guideline is to change filters once every three months, however, staff should assess whether a homeowner needs more frequent replacements due to allergies, pets, outdoor environment or other factors. Try brands such as Trion IAQ or Filtrete™.

Keep the cold air out and in: One item that many new homeowners tend to not think about is weather stripping. Preventing drafts and air leaks will make the home more comfortable and will help reduce heating and cooling costs. Duck Brand, M-D Building Products, and Frost King®  are three of several brands available to consumers.

Sealing up the cracks and joints: Caulk may not be exciting, but it is a necessary product for keeping the home in order. Making certain tubs, showers and sinks are properly caulked keeps water from seeping in and damaging walls and floors, while sealing gaps around windows and doors helps prevent drafts and air leaks. Caulk can even finish the look of trim work within the home. Products like caulking guns and caulking tools, such as those by DAP and Hyde, help apply the caulk quickly and give it a professional look.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch: Planting beds deserve some maintenance attention as well, and mulch not only dresses up the exterior of the home and increases its curb appeal, but also goes a long way to protect precious plants, conserve water and reduce weeds. There are a wide variety of colors and styles, including chunk, shredded and recycled material brands.


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