February 1, 2017

As many retailers know, the best niches develop out of a need or a passion. Taylor’s Do It Center, with 11 locations in Virginia and North Carolina, recently developed a niche in response to a growing local passion for a popular lawn game. As cornhole grew into a movement with leagues and tournaments, Taylor’s began offering game boards, replacement bags and scoreboards. Now the centers have become the go-to place for avid cornhole players.

Taylor’s purchases the handmade boards, which are built to tournament specifications, from a local woman who also organizes tournaments.

“It’s been a good relationship for us,” store advertising manager, Tom Townsend, told Hardware Retailing magazine. “We’re often a sponsor at those tournaments, so that helps us get our name out there. Then when someone asks her where to go for cornhole boards or bags, she sends them to us.”

Read more about Taylor’s popular niche here.


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