2 New Bicycle Locks

February 7, 2017

As more urban and suburban areas become bicycle-friendly, and as more people use bicycles for both transportation and recreational purposes, the need for bike locks will increase.

While most are familiar with cable locks and u-locks, which are the go-to standard for most riders, there are new styles and features coming to market that may prove to be popular. Two of the newer locks to market include:

LINKA Smart Bike Lock: Initially funded through a KickStarter campaign, and one of the featured products on ABC’s Shark Tank, the LINKA Smart Lock is the first bike lock to incorporate smart technology into its locking system. The auto-lock feature recognizes the user as they approach, unlocking the bike for use. Other features include:

  • An accelerometer-integrated, high-decibel alarm to deter would-be thieves without sounding during unintended jostling by other bikers.
  • Tamper alerts sent directly to phone.
  • Long battery life that can last up to nine months between charges.

Additionally, LINKA will alert users to possible high-risk areas with its Theft Indicator Map, which is activated when lock is initiated, allowing the user to move to a safer parking area.


SkunkLock: Taking anti-theft protection in a different direction, SkunkLock uses the standard u-lock design, but ups the game by including pressurized chemicals within the framework that create a noxious odor and can induce nausea and vomiting when the lock is breached.

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