February 7, 2017

As homes become smarter, certain fixtures are taking on additional roles. One of the latest products to benefit from integration with technology is the countertop. Once just a simple surface, the countertop is now receiving its own high-tech makeover and is assuming new duties within the home.

Charging Station: For some consumers, the idea of charging their phone or tablet by setting it on the counter without plugging it into an outlet may seem like a dream, but DuPont™ has made it a reality with its Corian® and Zodiaq® countertop lines. DuPont™ has taken wireless charging technology generally used in stand-alone equipment and has integrated it into their countertops, allowing consumers to wirelessly charge their electronics while sitting down to an afternoon snack in their kitchen or while listening to music during their morning shower. For electronics not already equipped with wireless charging capability, DuPont offers add-on adaptors.

Warming Station: Viking has also transformed the countertop by adding its Incogneeto™ Induction Warmer which installs under stone or engineered-stone countertops and is perfect for keeping dishes warm when serving a crowd. Out of sight when not in use, the trivet portion of the warming unit has a light indicator that displays its usable area, giving the user flexibility in placement of serving dishes.

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