February 7, 2017

Deciding what to do with old inventory is always a challenge. Retailers often question whether to mark it down to pennies on the dollar, donate it to charity or even toss it in the trash. But, one Kansas hardware retailer came up with a creative use for random fasteners, handles and other spare pieces by creating busy boards for kids.

Megan Melby of Melby’s Home Center in Skandia, Kansas, built a two-foot by two-foot developmental board and put it on display. Not only did it keep kids busy while parents shopped, but it also inspired DIYers to build their own boards, using the store’s board as a model.

“These were great fun to make,” says Melby. “The little kids just have a ball playing with them.”

The home center now sells the lumber, paint, stains and miscellaneous odd pieces of old inventory for the boards. To read more about the developmental boards, click here.

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