2 High-Tech Drink Appliances

February 15, 2017

Homebrewers and beer drinkers can rejoice over the Brewie, a self-contained automated homebrewing system for beer. The countertop unit takes the brewing process from start to finish, allowing homebrewers to create their own style of brew in as little as five to 21 days, just by adding the raw ingredients. When connected to a water supply, the Brewie automatically draws in the water it requires for processing and can automatically clean itself after completion. RFID technology allows users to easily set up various brewing recipes, and Wi-Fi connectivity keeps users updated on the brew stages and more. Additionally, Brewie offers a social network which connects brewers from around the globe, making it easy for beginners to get tips and tricks from master brewers and to share recipes for their favorite creations.

Wine lovers haven’t been left out, thanks to the D-Vine wine-by-the-glass automated aerator and chiller. Like the Keurig®, users place a flask within the D-Vine unit, which reads the RFID chip for that flask. D-Vine then chills the wine to the optimum temperature and aeration, setting off the indicator when wine is ready to be dispensed. Vendor 10-vins also carries additional wine flask sets so users can customize their experience or choose their favorite French vintages.

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