February 15, 2017

For a long time, laminated countertops were relegated to the designer dustbin as consumers found favor with surfaces made from granite, marble or other stone products. However, with today’s trends moving toward more neutral palettes, sleeker designs and a desire for lower maintenance and casual living, laminated countertops are making a comeback.

Formica® is one of the brands seeing a resurgence in consumer interest for the countertop company’s various laminated products. The increase in high-definition printing technology has allowed for more realistic appearances of wood and stone, and their EliteForm durable, high-gloss finish comes standard on many designs, making them ideal for areas that get a lot of use, such as kitchen islands and dining areas.

Some lines offered by Formica® include:

  • Jonathan Adler Collection: a designer series that includes bold patterns and sophisticated designs and colors.
  • 180fx®: closely mimics the scale of most real stone and wood patterns.
  • Writable Surfaces: one of the newest lines offered, with chalkboard or whiteboard finishes, including those with subtle patterning.


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