March 1, 2017

One of the newest products for pets came out of a KickStarter crowdfunding campaign and helps owners more conveniently groom their pets.

AquaPaw is a hand tool that allows pet owners to wash their four-legged companions while maintaining use of both hands. The rubberized combination sprayer and scrubber attaches to either a showerhead (via an installed adapter) or garden hose (via a quick connector). The adjustable strap secures the product on the groomer’s hand during use, and water flow is easily stopped and started by a quick squeeze. Another advantage of the AquaPaw is the ability to get the water into the pet’s undercoat in a gentle yet effective manner, resulting in a faster rinse and less stress on the owner and pet.

Retailers can capitalize on the up-sale possibilities of AquaPaw, too. Pet shampoos, conditioners, clippers and files, brushes and other grooming supplies make great add-ons.

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