Tool Belts with Back Support

March 7, 2017

DIYers and contractors alike want to mitigate potential injuries while performing tasks. The use of safety products, such as back support belts, can help prevent certain injuries on the jobsite. Some include:

  • Occidental Leather®: Belt-free systems that evenly distribute tool weight across the shoulders, removing pressure from the lower back and hips. Made in the USA.
  • Back-A-Line: Can be used in conjunction with the user’s existing tool belt. The belts are joined by four loops integrated into the back support, equally distributing the weight across the product without the use of shoulder straps.
  • Diamond Back U.S.A. Toolbelts: Made in the USA, these belts have multiple options, with or without suspenders. Several options are currently undergoing redesign, with new and improved versions launching soon.
  • CLC Work Gear: Customizable options in leather, heavy-duty webbing, padded and more.

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