March 28, 2017

Whether eliminating a bad habit or preparing for outdoor sporting activities, having the right products can make the process of training pets easier, and more enjoyable for both pet and owner.

Collars. Training collars come in a variety of options, including limiter collars for invisible fencing, bark collars for reducing excessive barking and coaching and tracking collars for hunting and field trials. Some popular brands include PetSafe, D. T. Systems and Dogtra.

Cueing and Incentive Products. Motivation is a key component in training any pet. Pets, having their own personalities, can have a range of preferences in what motivates them to pay attention and follow commands. Clickers and whistles can aid in training by giving pets an audio cue for when they are supposed to act, while toys and treats can be used as reward for performing as desired.

Potty Training. As it is with raising children, pets should be trained to go to the bathroom in designated areas. This issue requires a range of products to not only train pets, but to clean up those inevitable accidents that can happen. Some popular products include:

  • Litter Kwitter utilizes three graduating steps to train cats to use the household toilet, eliminating the need for a litter box.
  • Porch Potty is an indoor “bathroom” for dogs that can be used with real or synthetic grass pads for an outdoor feel for the pet and has two drainage methods for removing urine from the unit.
  • Four Paws Wee Wee Pads contain a scent attractant to encourage dogs to use the pad.

Poochie-Pets PoochieBells® allows dogs to notify their owners when they need to go outside. The system comes with training instructions.

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