Lawn & Garden: Lowscaping with a Twist

April 3, 2017

Lowscaping isn’t a new term in landscaping. Most designers and home gardeners incorporate plants and bushes of varying heights into their beds to give them more interest. Short plants and ground cover are generally used in front for lowscaping while taller plants and bushes are used behind them to soften fencing or walls. But, what is new in lowscaping is the downsizing of popular plants that were once relegated to the back of the bed. Proven Winners® offers several dwarf versions of popular plants. Two are listed below:

  • Butterfly Bushes: For over five years, Proven Winners® has offered dwarf Butterfly Bushes but the lines Lo & Behold™, Pugster™ and the Miss series now come in a variety of colors due to the plants popularity.
  • Aronia: The Low Scape® Aronia is another popular dwarf plant. It offers hardy ground cover, spring blooms and fiery fall color.

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