Plumbing and Electrical: Self-Cleaning and On-Demand

April 11, 2017

Convenience categories include more than just Wi-Fi-enabled products. Many items in the plumbing and electrical category rely on sensors and other innovations like these listed here.

  • ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet Manufactured by American Standard, this self-cleaning toilet with a built-in cleaning solution is activated with the touch of a button. The cleaning cycles include a quick clean and deep clean option.
  • Rheem EcoSense® Tankless Gas Water Heaters This high-efficiency line of tankless water heaters is designed to provide continuous hot water for any residential application.
  • Sensate® Touchless Kitchen Faucet This new Kohler faucet uses Response® technology that recognizes the wave of a user’s hand or a pan or utensil to speed cleanup while also preventing false activations when consumers are just working in the sink area.

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