Building Supplies: Common Items Become Art

April 25, 2017

Even the most basic building supplies can become art in the hands of creative DIYers. Check out these projects that turn screws, clamps, and concrete into interior decor items.

Screws. Artist Andrew Myers  has elevated screws to fine art with his three-dimensional portraits and still-life pieces. For simple interior decor pieces, DIYers can use screws in the shapes of words, single items or house numbers by inserting them into stained or painted wood. For instructions, click here.

Concrete. By pouring quick-drying concrete into any plastic container and inserting a tea light, votive or taper candle, DIYers can create unique and industrial-looking candle holders of all shapes and sizes like those shown here.

Metal Clamps. C-clamps make unique and industrial-looking bookends that can clamp onto any bookshelf. Crate & Barrel even offered C-clamp bookends at one time, as seen here, but hardware retailers have them on hand always just waiting to be used in new ways. 

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