April 25, 2017

Many household items have multiple purposes. Below are just a few creative, alternative uses for common items in the housewares category.

Drawer Pulls. Drawer pulls easily turn into clothing hooks once installed in walls or wooden pieces and they can also become decorative wine-stoppers when twisted into corks. For a list of creative ways to repurpose drawer pulls, check out this post.

Dishes. Decorators and homeowners have often used a mismatched collection of plates to create interesting wall art displays in kitchens, breakfast nooks and dining rooms, and now dishes are being used to create decorative displays outdoors in landscaping beds. Learn how to make garden art flowers using glass dishes here.

Shower Curtains. During the spring and summers months when lawn and garden items, camping supplies and other outdoor living items are being transported, homeowners may need protection for their seats and trunks. Shower curtains make a handy, affordable and portable barrier that can protect car interiors from water, mud and other messes. Retailers may consider stocking plastic shower curtains in the auto section as well as with bathroom supplies. For other alternative uses of common household items, check out this Good Housekeeping article.

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