May 2, 2017

A painter’s most valuable tool is not a ladder or even rollers or brushes. It’s their hands. The following products protect hands and arms, so pros can do their job in comfort.

Freehand DIY Anti-Fatigue Paint Brush Handle from GalaxG Tools. Highlighted at the 2016 National Hardware Show®, the ergonomic design of these brush handles allows users to keep hands and arms in a more relaxed position while still providing enough pressure to achieve coverage. Fitting on any brand and size brush, the handles are designed to take the weight and stress out of holding the paintbrush while allowing the user’s hand to guide the brush along.  View the Product Here >>

Freehand ErgoMaster Pro. This heavy-duty version of the Anti-Fatigue Paintbrush handle is also made by GalaxG and boasts a form-fit feature to conform more to the user’s hand. These handles can also be used with interchangeable brush-lock cartridges. The pro version is slightly higher priced.

True Effects™ Hand and Skin Shield™. This nontoxic cream absorbs into the skin, providing moisture without greasy residue that could impede a solid grip, and protects skin against many possible irritants for up to four hours. Additionally, because of its protective nature, products that stick to or stain hands are easier to wash off. View the Product Here >>


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