Housewares: Products Designed With the Environment in Mind

May 16, 2017

One trend that ran across several categories at the show was environmentally conscious products. From Lawn & Garden to Plumbing & Electrical to Housewares, Paint and more, products designed to lessen the impact on the environment are growing in number.

EnviroTestKits®. Consumers have recently been growing more concerned about the quality and safety of their drinking water. Contaminants such as bacteria or lead can cause significant problems for anyone ingesting, bathing in or cooking with water from taps. EnviroTestKits can help identify if a home’s water supply is contaminated with any number of harmful substances. Three different kits are available, including a DIY bacterial test kit that indicates bacterial contamination within 24 hours. View the Product Here >>
Learn More about Enviro World Corporation Here >> 

EarthKind® Stay Away. This line of pest repellant products is designed to keep pests at bay without harsh chemicals. Constructed of essential oils and plant fibers, each pouch can repel rodents, ants, spiders and other pests between 30 and 90 days, depending on current infestation levels. View the Product Here >>
Learn More about EarthKind® Here >>


Envafin®. Following the trend in environmental sustainability, the Envafin packaging waste solution makes it more convenient for consumers to recycle household packaging waste, helping to keep it out of the landfill. The unit’s small footprint fits neatly within a kitchen cabinet, and use is as simple as placing recyclable items inside and then pressing a button; the machine does the rest. Compressed items fall into a bin below the unit. Also, thanks to the reduction in packaging size, consumers can make fewer trips to empty the disposal bin, saving time and effort while helping the environment. View the Product Here >>
Learn More about Envafin® Here >>

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