Power Tools & Hardware: Keeping Tools Close at Hand

May 16, 2017

Both DIYers and professionals benefit from having their tools nearby and readily accessible when working on projects. Three new products designed to keep tools and supplies within reach were among those featured at the Show.

Monkey Klamp, by Monkey Rung. Saving time and creating a safer way to work, the Monkey Klamp ladder accessory holds tools so hands can maintain contact with the ladder. View the Product Here >>
Learn More about Monkey Rung Here >>


The Tape Thing. If keeping track of tape rolls during a project is a challenge, The Tape Thing can solve the issue. This holster fits neatly onto a belt or pocket, and tape rolls slide easily onto the magnetic attachment. Users only have to pull to release the tape attachment, use what they need and then easily pop the attachment back onto the holster, keeping it at the ready for the next use. View the Product Here >>

The Bit Pouch. A misplaced drill bit can bring a project to a grinding halt, but having a place to keep bits close can keep projects moving in the right direction. The Bit Pouch is a zippered storage pouch that straps onto the base of electric drills, giving users a convenient place to keep bits when not in use. The exterior surface is magnetic, providing quick access to screws or other bits during active use. View the Product Here >>
Learn More about The Bit Pouch Here >>

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