May 30, 2017

Consumers continue to be cautious when purchasing home improvement products that could affect the health and safety of their families. Manufacturers are increasingly addressing consumer desires in this area, with products such as the following.

Bio-Clean Products. Manufactured in Sacramento, California, Bio-Clean is a nonacid-based, hard water stain-removing product that is safe to use on multiple surfaces in the home without causing harm to skin if contact occurs. View the Product Here >>

Safe T Air.
Indoor odors can be caused by a number of pollutants, including molds, bacteria and mildew. Safe T Air utilizes a natural antiseptic—tea tree oil—to eliminate these pollutants and other harmful airborne germs. This product comes in an easy-to-use, water-based form; consumers only need to open the container, place it in the affected area and allow the product to evaporate into the space. View the Product Here >>Learn more about the 2017 Exhibitor >>
MagnaFlex Vent-Duster™ by AirSpace™ Filtration. Dust, dirt, pet dander and other airborne contaminants can circulate throughout a home’s HVAC system. While standard HVAC filters eliminate some particulates, the MagnaFlex Vent-Duster™ can prevent even more from entering the system from the start, not only helping to cleanse the air, but aiding in extending the life of the HVAC system by preventing particulate buildup within the unit. The MagnaFlex™ Vent-Duster™ frame attaches quickly and easily via magnets to the exterior of the air return vents within the home, while the antimicrobial carbon filter pad eliminates odors and reduces growth of mold and bacteria. View the Product Here >>